Federal Mirrors

I have always had a fond affection for anything gilt. I once had someone tell me that my motto must be 'when in doubt, guild.' I do not think I would go as far as that, but I do somehow always find myself attracted to shiny object: gold, crystal, glitter, etc. I at times chalk this up to the fact that I am a Leo and we tend to enjoy regal things. I spotted this antique Federal mirror in the mid-90's at a small antique store in St. Paul. Did you know this classic mirror, is surrounded by thirteen balls representing the original states of the union? I also was enchanted by the fact that this mirror had three sconces attached at the bottom, something I had never seen before. It needed a little restoration, and so I had a wonderful store in St. Paul restore it. I remember at the time specifically telling them that I wanted the piece to continue to look its' age and to only restore what was absolutely necessary. They told me this was the first time a client had requested this and they were happy that I was keeping the antiquity of the mirror. They secured the loose balls, did some small jesso repair and applied the beautiful giltwork. I was so thrilled when they called me and told me it was done. I spent just as much restoring the piece as I did when I originally paid for it. When I picked it up, a gentleman spoke with me and told me that he believed the mirror to have been manufactured in the early 1800's in Boston. I loved the history that was newly attached to my antique mirror. Over a decade has passed since I purchased this beautiful mirror and I still marvel at it when I pass by, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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