Cakewalk.... Not today!

I had two number cakes requested and I basically reserved the day to make them. I had a #11 and a #2 to make. I figured this would be easy, no problem. Everything started out fine, things mixed well in the Viking, the came out of the oven well. I then did the crumb coat so my frosting would not get full of crumbs and then I started to frost the cakes. The #2 went well, but then came #11.... My red frosting started to separate, I am not sure why and by the time I saw it - it was too late. No fixing this mess. I finished the cake with my under par frosting and decided the cake and frosting are delicious, hopefully the client will think so as well. Obviously she did not have to pay for the #11 since it looked like a 3-year-old child did it. Regardless, I did this to show that we ALL have mishaps in the kitchen. Relax, it's just a cake - right?

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