Dried Bread for stuffing, bread pudding or french toast.

One idea to keep in mind as a time saver, whenever you have extra bread you know you are not going to need or when the store has a baguette for $.89! Cube it up or slide it on the diagonal, and let it dry out a day or two. You can mix breads together if you are going to use it for stuffing, sweet breads could be added for bread pudding or french toast or you can even use biscuits. I have three bags in my cupboard at all times. Place it in a zippered plastic bag and put it in your cupboard. The next time you want to make bread pudding or french toast you will have it ready. To make life easy, the night before I place my allotted bread into a glass or aluminum dish that can be covered overnight. Then I throw all of my wet ingredients in the blender and pour it over the bread, cover it with plastic wrap or a locking lid and put it into the fridge overnight. When I wake up in the morning the bread is properly soaked through. I pull it out of the fridge when I come downstairs and let it sit for a half hour to warm up. Then, I turn my oven on if I am making bread pudding or I wait for my guests to wake up and start making french toast. Make the kon-tent in your life easier.

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