Glitter Kitty

Some people would say if something is immobile around me long enough, I will attempt to glitter it. Back in December my daughter and I went to the Humane Society and adopted a gray called appropriately named 'gray' - I call him 'kitty'. My mother came over for an extended weekend two weeks ago and brought up a new device she received called the Cricut (I will be talking about this in another post). I thought this device would be great because I could actually do a project I had pondered in my mind for years which was to cut out large letters and glitter them to make streamer signs like 'Merry Christmas' & 'Happy New Year' (I will talk about the trials and tribulations about this project in another post). So I have a tray filled with glitter on the table and stumble upon the cat IN the glitter - I think he may have even been eating it (note the picture, not very clear but glittered face nonetheless). I removed the cat from the glitter and put it away. Now a week has gone by and I had the unsuccessful glittered letters sitting in a tray on my crafting table and walked downstairs to find him laying IN the tray on top of the glittered letters (note the upper picture). In fact, right now he just got up and adjusted his laying position and is comfortable again. I am not sure why he is as equally obsessed with glitter as I am. Could he find the sparkle appealing, maybe he secretly desires to be a crafter - it really is any one's guess at this point. Either way, I find solace in my new friend who shares a glitter connection with me.

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