Correspondence - a lost art

I recieved a 'Thank you' letter in the mail today from my friend Ginny and it made me take the time to think about how receiving actual written letters is almost a lost art these days. Most correspondence is typed and sent, emailed or in my daughter's case - text messaged. With all of the technology around us, we have lost a sense of connection that comes with getting a letter that someone sat down and physically wrote. Remember when penmanship was something we practiced? I used to do calligraphy - I wonder if that dates me? I know I have a friend Dani who does beautiful calligraphy, she actually gets paid to write things for people - imagine that! I know life is busy, I myself am an email hound - I guess I am reminded that I need to sit down and slow the pace to take the time to hand write a letter, no matter how brief to show someone that they matter and that I was thinking of them. Reconnecting with one someone, these are the things that truly matter - not how many G's our cell phone has. I recently recieved my grandmother's recipe box and to see her handwritten recipes brings back so many fantastic memories.

Thank you Ginny for inspiring me to take the time, I hope this article inspires you to inspire someone as well as maybe yourself...

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  1. Reading this article made me think of something a friend said to me years ago when her grandma passed. She told me what she missed the most was her grandma's handwriting. It wasn't that she had beautiful penmanship, it was that the letters her grandma wrote her were from her heart and from her grandma to her, only her.
    My father recently passed and I am collecting anything that has his handwriting; notes, recipes, etc. It helps keep the memory of them alive. Someone's handwritting is unique, personal.