Luxury 101 - Bedding

I believe that since I spend 1/3 of my life in my bed, I may as well have an enjoyable experience in it. A while ago I found this great resource for fantastic duvets, pillows and down featherbeds. I use the Charter Club pieces via Macy's. I have the lightweight and heavyweight pillows and the lightweight and heavyweight duvets (depending on the weather). I have always liked the look of two comforters on a bed. Every morning when I make the bed I twist the featherbed 1/4 turn to keep it from getting worn in one place.

I also attached seam binding to the corners of my duvets as well as to the inside corners of the duvet covers - then tie them in a loose knot to keep them from shifting one way or another (bottom photo).

When purchasing down products, steer away from anything advertising hand-harvested goose down, this is inhumane (they pluck the feathers off the live animal). It may sound better, but in the end is not. Most down that you buy derives itself from the food industry in case you did not know where it all comes from.

I cannot say enough about how wonderful this bedding is. Plush, fluffy pillows - it really is an essential to me and the price point meets anyone's budge (even today). You can find the bedding via the following links:

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