Old, made new

Several years ago I came into an old pie safe that was owned by a friend's grandmother. I had this in storage for years until my recent move to the farm which led me to limited cupboard space. I soon realized that I could reinvent this pie safe into a pantry for my dinnerware. It lends charm to the space and is an unexpected storage facility for dishes that are needed, sine the dining table is situated right there. Platters and serving pieces are stored below for accessibility as well. I believe the pie safe adds a vintage feel to my decor.
In our current world state, it's a good time to look around and find ways to recycle what you have and give it a fresh, new use in an alternative location - or even painting an object, you never know what you have until you open up your mind to new ideas!

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  1. Ok, this is absolutely beautiful!! I love antiques and its been so long since I've even set foot in an antique shop that I think I'll have to make it a mission this week to at least stop at a few!!