kon-tent music - Hôtel Costes

Growing up, my mother had the radio on 24 hours a day. With that in mind, quiet is foreign to me. I have never been able to sleep without some form of music playing, but during the day I also enjoy the sounds of music to inspire me. They say music makes you smarter.

Most of the music I own is most likely categorized into lounge. You probably would never hear it on the radio, but it is excellent to have in the background. I am starting this series called kon-tent music to let you know what I listen to and maybe inspire you to try out a new brand of music. Lounge music is not necessarily the kind you are going to drive around singing in your car, but some of the tunes are catchy and I find myself singing them unintentionally.

I have the full music collection from The Hôtel Costes, and I recommend it highly. The Hôtel Costes is a famous hotel in Paris, France. Located in 239 rue St-Honore, it is perhaps best known for its bar and courtyard café.
The hotel was commissioned by the Costes brothers to the designer and architectJaques Garcia in 1991. The hotel is now renowned as a den of opulence and was built in conjunction with Klay Robson as Developer and construction consultant (the design maxim was "all things in excess").

Hôtel Costes also releases its own compilation of cd's from its' famous bar, which contain music played and mixed within by DJ Stephane Pompougnac.

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