Appliances - Dacor Epicure Ventillation

Kitchen ventillation, when properly installed should help circulate the air in your kitchen - not make you wonder if you are standing next to a 747 jet engine. Expelling heat and odors is the core job of your wall hood, this Dacor did wonderfully but they also added some extra advantages that make this our top pick. First off, the blowers are powerful yet quiet so you do not need to halt any conversation, hang up the phone or turn up the television while making a meal. Not only does this pull out the hot air, but it also bring in fresh air from the outside to help eliminate odors and keep your kitchen fresh and not stale. It even knows when to turn itself on, if your hands are tied up.
It comes with a handy touch screen that helps you instantly at the touch of a button and cleaning it is a snap. The lighting system on this brings you the full view of your culinary inspiration without wondering how you are going to clean it.
Even the vent grates themselves are innovative. Easy to remove and clean - could they make your cooking experience any easier? I don't think so. Thank you Dacor for thinking of every detail so we are not left having to look elsewhere. This is a solid investment in your home.

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