Canning - Spiced Lemon Marmalade

In an effort to become well-rounded I decided to try my hand at canning. What with the growing season upon us and the ability to save some green by being green and not disposable containers - now is a good time to begin to get this perfected.

Lemon marmalade in my eyes is one of those things where you either like it or don't. The bitter pith is in this traditional english jam and some find it to be overpowering. I found this to be fairly easy to make, the only hassle being my preoccupation with getting as many of the seeds out as possible.

The recipe called for lemon verbena leaves, which are completely not in season - this would be par for the course in my world. I still had the orange-flower water, which you also use in madelaines and fresh mint is readily available at the grocery store. In the end, I was thrilled that this turned out. A little goes a long way, and I love the flavor of this lightly spread over a waffle or french toast. I plan on using this as a glaze over a pork roast to see how it turns out.

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