Champagne - remixed

I love Champagne and see it as useful for many ocassions. The obvious use is for grand celebrations and parties, but I do not think that many people think about also using it for less grander-scaled get togethers. I have uncorked Champagne when a friend has come over to chit chat about the week as well as when having a group of people over for a casual dinner. Champagne is extremely versatile, I just think most people are of the mindset that it is out of range for their pocketbook. Nothing could be further from the truth. Just as with wine, you can get very good estates that range from low to high. I can also say from experience that spending three times more on an estate has never meant it was going to be better - at times, the opposite was true.
I am a fan of Piper-Heidsieck, they have been around since 1875 and I have found consistent value in every bottle I have purchased. With many summer celebrations coming, I wanted to tell you about the Baby Piper. A regular-sized bottle, split into four separate bottles so you can carry it around yourself - no need for Champagne glasses here. It even comes with its' own straw. Your friends will never forget your party regardless if it is casual or formal, this is entertaining at the best level. It is the small elements that elevate the ocassion. Any local liquor retailer can get this for you if they do not have it, just ask - you wil not be disappointed.

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