Appliances - Rowenta Expert Iron

No job is too much for this powerhouse. I knew I was making a solid investment when I purchased this iron. Continuous steam generation for ironing shirts, pants and other linens beyond your imagination.

This iron is even more slick because it allows you to add water while you are ironing if you see you have used up the massive 33 oz. water reservoir. This newer model allows you to see the water level. There is even an area to store your power cord of the way.
Who knew Rowenta could make one of my favorite things even more fun? I guess the real question is - should I admit that I enjoy ironing? Oh well, there goes my social life....


  1. I recently purchased this iron. I had been thinking about getting it and then saw that Ross had one and liked it so I went for it. So far it's going well. I like having the ability to add water while ironing. It generates a lot of steam and is good for steaming wrinkles out of hanging clothes. The steam button sticks at times though and if the temperature of the iron is set on low I get some white deposits coming out of the vents and onto the sole plate. It's a large unit but it fits nicely on my heavy duty Rowenta ironing board. DS

  2. Thank you so much for the comments DS - I have not had any problems with the steam button sticking or getting the white deposits. I will have to go look at the manual and see if they say anything about that. Have you called Rowenta to speak with them about this? If not, I can put you in touch with someone that I know personally.