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When I decided last fall to pursue my passion for relatable lifestyle kon-tent and find ways to deliver that to people, I had no clue where to begin. I already had ideas, products and recipes that I used - but I was now faced with the task of writing articles about them and then getting that information into the hands of people that could use it.

I started posting articles in the fall, but did not truly get my hands dirty until February of 2009 when I knew that this was the direction I needed to go. With that said, I began to educate myself on ways to deliver kon-tent in meaningful, easy ways for people so they could pick and choose what they wanted to read and instantly engage with it.

To that end, I decided to use a company called iContact to deliver that kon-tent. iContact is a company that to me offers enterprise solutions for small to large businesses in ways that can be easily absorbed and applied. I utilize them for my newsletters, but they offer so much more. Not only were they offering me the most services, but they also provided it at the lowest price I was able to find.

I have been using their services for six months now and can tell you that I have not had any problems with them. Their communication level is phenomenal. I have used their chat sessions when open and have always been understood and been greeted with friendly, knowledgeable team members - this has also been my experience when I have called in to ask a question. If they have not had the answer, I have been called back within 24 hours with the answer.

I cannot say more about iContact than to promote their services to you and let you know that from my personal experience - you are going to get tremendous value for your business by utilizing them. They can tailor programs to fit your needs. I found this to be extremely helpful when I was starting as a small business that iContact was able to grow with me - and they have done it well. If you decide to give them a try, tell them Ross at kon-tent recommended them.

Check out my partners link for other companies that I have personal experience with and promote.

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