My television debut

Saturday was my television debut. I was asked by Fox 9 to teach their listeners some food tips on their 'In the Kitchen' segment. I opted to make some olive oil recipes where people can use the essential oil outside the box, or in a remixed way. I knew I had five minutes, but since this was my first segment had no concept of how much time I would actually have. I decided to make two recipes, the olive oil cake and a toasted walnut pesto.

Tom Halden was my co-cook, and he was a really great guy- funny too! He ended up interacting with me which is what I had not anticipated - this cut into the time, which was fine. It was great having that interaction. I was happy how it went even though I was unable to finish the pesto recipe.

I am excited to go back again and polish the segments!


  1. Great show! Thanks for sharing.

  2. liked the show--way to break into TV!

  3. You look great on TV! Looked like you belong there!

  4. I am SO proud of you!! WOW!! I wished I'd known you were going to be on. I would have TiVo'd you! ;)

    hmmm...maybe the next Food Network Star...hmmm... :D

    Lisa - 'A Mango Tree Grows in Nakomis'

  5. Have you considered "Next Food Network Star?" ;-)

    You rock!