Sparkles for Education Campaign

My 14 year-old daughter Hadass has become quite the jewelry maker. She is creative and inspiring. Currently in 9th grade this year, she is aware of the challenges facing schools with respect to budget cuts and how this affects not only her, but other kids education.

With that said, she is starting a personal fundraiser to help her school earn funds so they do not lose some key programs, i.e. laptops for students, etc. by donating half of her proceeds for her Sparkler rings to her school. I am impressed to see her being so proactive and wanting to pitch in to help her school, and that she is able to see that she can do something in a personal way to benefit people on a larger scale. Her website is Here you will be able to see her designs and help support education.

The various rings she has are called:

Planetarium, Crystal Bridge, Sparkler & Double Sparkler - she can do them in a myriad of colors. They sell for $10, except the Double Sparkler is $15- you can order one by emailing us at and stating your style & color preference.

We will keep you posted on the progress and how her Sparkles for Education Campaign is doing. This really will affect

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  1. AMAZING that a teenager could be so creative in finding a way to help her school!!!!