As soon as I sense the fall season approaching, I start to think about autumn's bounty. One of those the things I love to do is carving pumpkins, but I was always disheartened by the level of work put into these creations only to have them vanished by morning's arrival. I use to also wish I could get more mileage out of it - but did not have an option.

Enter the Funkin - the solution to all of my problems. Funkin's are artificial pumpkins that to me are amazing. First off, I have really no mess to deal with - no seeds or pulp. Coming from the standpoint of having a child, that is a stress reliever right there. Secondly, I can not only enjoy this carved creation the night of Halloween but also days before AND I can pack it up to use it year, after year, after year!
They look incredibly realistic and also come in lumina (white) and gourd shapes. If you do not carve them, you can carry them over into the Thanksgiving season as well.

The fact that it is not an actual pumpkin and that it is designed to be displayed - you do not have to deal with the thick, fibrous wall of a real pumpkin. This makes carving ten times easier and the product is a lot lighter as well. If you want to be intricate, you can work on your carving creation for days instead of being under the gun timewise like with a real pumpkin.

I have used Funkins in various ways which I will display in the days to come on my website. You don't even have to carve them - there are many creative ways to use them that are exciting and even glamorous.

You can purchase them online or at JoAnn Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, Menards, A.C. Moore and Pottery Barn Kids.

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