Big House Vineyards

I am always looking for a wine that not only meets my tastes, but also my budgetary considerations. I have found this with Big House Vineyards. I have enjoyed having this brand in my home for the last four years - it is a staple for me when it comes to entertaining. The lable is what caught my eye, and the fact that it has a screw top. For those of you who enjoy drinking wine without having the need to talk about which varietal grapes or region it comes from, this is the wine for you.

Their Red was full of berries and slightly peppery with very little tannens. It contains a blend of up to eight grape vareities. You basically get everything with this wine, even the kitchen sink.

The White, another blend that delivers a light, lemony flavor on the palate. I find it to be crisp with melon notes. This wine is not overly sweet or dry.

Pink is their version of Rose. This California creation has many of the same characteristics as Rose de Provence. It's dry, crisp, and affordable, with hints of citrus and explosions of tropical fruit and strawberries

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  1. Actually, I pick up the white when I shop for my elderly mother, as a lot of seniors can deal with the screw top better than a cork.