Paradise Overdose

Sometimes you just KNOW you can rely on things to consistently deliver the goods... Arno Elias debut solo work has delivered the goods, Again! It all feels deliciously familiar. the dubby vocals, blazes of asian sound and everything that is exotic, that is quintessentially Elias!

The chilled asian sounds and lounge beats inspire the mind without requiring you to pay attention to it fully. This is what I would call amazing whitenoise! Perfect for a dinner party where you want to inspire conversation and an upbeat atmosphere - but this is what you expect from anything Elias does. I listen to this while I am experimenting in the kitchen or cooking for a dinner party as it stimulates the senses and heightens my awareness.

I would also suggest this to anyone looking for some music for the - shall I say, um boudoir..... It's like going on a journey through some exotic land.

All that you have to do is surrender and come home to Paradise'll be thrilled you did. Check out Rhapsody to sample the tracks for free.

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