Pressure Cooker Turkey Stock

The thought of making homemade stock sends most people into orbit. The hours of simmering meat and vegetables, chilling it to remove the solids and then straining it seems like an unending, thankless chore. I have news for all you nay sayers - I have your solution...

The Cuisinart Electric Pressure Cooker yet again comes to the rescue by making this task effortless. This past weekend was Thankgiving so I divided my turkey into three managable amounts, added them to the pot with the vegetables and herbs I stuffed the turkey with - filled it to the top level indicator with water, closed it, set it for an hour and walked away. After an hour I had beautiful, rich stock that I would have had to slave over my stove for hours with.

Yes, I did have to do this three times due to the size of my turkey - but, it is well worth it. No sodium added and home-made. The added benefit was the aroma it left in the house all day long. If I am not going to use all the stock to make soup, then I preportion it out by freezing it in mammoth muffin tins as they are roughly 1 cup portions - pop them out and keep them in a large, ziploc bag in my freezer for when I need it.

I drained each batch with a colander, let it cool until I could handle it and then removed all the meat from the bones. This is kon-tent anyone can incorporate into their lives. This pressure cooker is a great value at $99, and as you know - anything by Cuisinart is made to last. As added benefits to the pressure cooker - can you say potatoes done in 6 minutes.

When your life is under pressure, pull out your Cuisinart Pressure Cooker to relieve yours...

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