Appliances 101 - KitchenAid Waffle Iron

If you have a passion for waffles as I do, then this is an investment worth it's weight. The KitchenAid Waffle Iron is one mean waffle baking machine. It creates two Belgian waffles simultaneously. The concept of using the gravity when flipping with waffles around helps to assure that your batter spreads evenly inside the iron and not oozing out the side onto your counter. Yes, this appliance has a hefty price tag and it also requires some dedicated cupboard space, but I guarantee to you that you will never regret it.
I usually bake my waffles at the 4 minute setting, but that is because I prefer a crispy waffle. I photographed the iron when I used it this past weekend so you can see the steam escaping while it baked eggnog waffles. I also love the aroma that fills my home when waffles are on the menu...

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