Beading - Image Transferring

Recently I came across a new technique to me, Image Transferring.  You can use wide variety of materials to transfer to, here I used copper to transfer images of fish onto the metal.  I have also done this to resin, metal, even wood!  Coupled on this piece with fresh water pearls and crystals that I have wire-wrapped to form a bracelet for my daughter.  She loved it and I am so happy with how easy it is.  You will need to get the solution to transfer the image and obviously the foundation you are going to transfer your image onto as well as choose one of the numerous images availabe out there.  

As always, I get my beading supplies from The Bead Monkey, OR you can contact Mitch at The Bead Monkey via their website and he can get the necessary supplies for you. Finally, if you are not in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area I am sure you can find them at your local bead store.

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