Vintage Lounge - Music to Relax by in your Barcalounger

While at my mothers this last weekend I ran across some vintage lounge records.  I never remembered listening to this stuff when I was younger, but obviously it had an effect on me because I am a lounge music fanatic.  This record was designed by Barcalounger to be played while you relaxed in their lovely recliners and was a gift with purchase item.  What a find!

I sat and listened to these records all weekend long and now want to get my hands on one of those vintage record player cabinets that we used to have as a kid with the wood exterior and fancy cloth, covered speakers - all hi-fi.  I need to do some research on those record to cd recorders that I have heard of too, so I can get these fantastic sounds onto my iPod.

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  1. Hi Ross!

    We sell the record players with the USB out to your computer at our Musical Instruments Store within a Store at Best Buy! Check out the Roseville, Richfield or MOA store!