Constellation of Cancer

Cancer is an energetic, purposeful and tenacious type.  Shrewd and intuitive by nature, Cancerians sometimes project a wisdom which reflects their philosophical view on life.  Cancer is able to identify with the feelings of others because of the keen sensitivity of their nature.  This capacity for tuning in to others can inspire sympathetic understanding, however, it may also express itself through mimicry or parody.  They respond foremost to the urges and dictates of their feelings, thus, the Cancerian can be moody, sulky and inclined to self-pity.  Cancer tends to absorb their environment and is over-imaginative by nature.  Care should be employed here, as that vibrant sensisitivity makes one prone to be a victim of fantasy.  Strongly influenced by childhood memories, Cancerians have a tendency to live in the past.
By nature, very giving and selfless, Cancerians need to be aware of falling into the role of martyr in certain situations.  One of the interesting contradictions in their nature is that they are prone to a sense of personal inferiority on one hand, and on the other they believe their views, opinions and behavior to be impeccable, and beyond question or criticism.  
The overall nature of Cancerians is deeply emotional.  Although private and reserved, they possess sensitivity and sympathy.  Rarely will a Cancer stand on pretense.  What appears to be a front is nothing more than a protective shell.  Within this tough armor often resides an intuitively compassionate individual year
In their personal relationships they are a mixture of toughness and tenderness. Emotional, romantic and sentimental on one side, and tenaciously possessive and loyal on the other side. Even when they have affairs, their first loyalty is to their partner and family.
Cancers tend to a narrowly focused worldview of which they can be very opinionated. They have a retentive memory, and seldom forgive slights and hurts.  A Cancerian will never let you forget an error. Like a beach crab, with pincers raised, a slighted cancer will come at you again and again to avenge a perceived hurt.  Conversely, Cancers are fiercely loyal to those who show them a good turn.  They are driven by their emotional nature, and, in this respect, can be the best and the worst of friends.ning for a deep exchange of love and understanding.

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