Best Steak au Poivre Tips

I love taking a fancy dish and making it realistic, not that steak au poivre is difficult, but it can seem complicated and why not reinvent the wheel.  This dish is not only great for dinner, but I also love using this as an appetizer.  No need to purchase expensive NY Strip here, a well marbled chuck roast works perfect, just trim some of the fat off to make it a little bit leaner.  You want to cook this in a regular pan, not a pan coated with non-stick as you will not get the browning in the pan (also referred to as fond), that creates the amazing flavor for your sauce.

3 lbs Chuck roast cut into 1"-2" pieces (I do not cut perfect squares because I like the visual interest of misshapen pieces)
1/3 c. Olive Oil
1 tsp Sea Salt
2/3 c Fresh Cracked Pepper

Mix all ingredients into a bowl and set aside.  Place a frypan or saute pan on the stove (drizzled with some olive oil) and get it hot over medium to medium-high heat.  Using a tongs place beef tips into pan.  I choose to start in the middle and work to the outside in a spiral pattern as this allows me to know which ones I have turned.  By the time I have usually reached the outside, I can begin turning from the middle again.  The key here is to make sure they have seared on the one side and release - once they release, then begin turning.  Repeat this until most sides have been cooked - it is not essential you get each side, you do not want to overcook these.  I then place them in a dish in the oven I have preheated to 200 to keep warm.  Continue this until you have cooked all of the beef.

Once all of the beef has been cooked, place pan back onto stove and pour in 1/2 cup red wine, beef stock or water to deglaze the pan using a whisk.  I then add 2 tbsp butter and continue to whisk until melted and combined.  Remove from the stove, remove tips from oven - pour sauce over tips and serve.

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