My 'Dear Santa' List 2010

I was thinking it would be fun to share what I hope Santa brings to me this year.  I have been having visions of things in my head that don't seem to want to leave since I have set my eyes on them.  I hope Santa is good to you this coming year and you find some inspiration in these things.

First off is this amazing set of  Enchanted Buck porcelain measuring cups.  Sold through Anthropologie for $48, it is the most unusual set of cups I have ever seen in my life.  These would look so cool sitting on the counter ready for use.  The gilt stag finial is so eye-catching and I love how the cups are embossed with the size on them.
Second is the Woody Bag by Jack Spade.  As a guy I think it is hard to find a bag that fits my personality and can carry all the items I seem to need on my person at all times.  Since I am an avid faux bois collector, this bag fits me perfect.  The size is great too as I can fit my hp mini in it and have that with me always.  The shoulder strap is amazing especially since it is a reproduction of a Hendrix strap.  Please Santa...

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