LUX Handmade Soap Collection - LV Soap

Luxurious tangerine and marigold is blended with lemon verbena to create this soap offering.  As you have come to expect from our LUX collection it goes way beyond the aromatherapy experience.  Our soaps are naturally blended to take care of your whole body and  mind.  From the cleansing properties of citrus to the soothing powers of marigold - you will find immediate rejuvination every time you use it.   All organic, all yours for the taking.  This generous 8 oz. bar, wrapped in vibrant, orange handmade paper to compliment the colors of the bar.

Ingredients: Palm kernel, coconut, castor olive and essential oils - unrefined shea butter - distilled water - sodium hydroxide (lye) - lemon zest -calendula.  Note: No sodium hydroxide (lye) remains in the finished soap product.  FRAGRANCE FREE - THE SCENT IS ALL-NATURAL

Pair it with our soap elevator to extend the  life of your bar!  Check out my entire LUX Soap Collection here.

LUX LV bar - $16

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