Passion Perfected! David Guetta - Nothing But The Beat

I know that whenever I recommend music, it is usually in the vein of European Lounge, Buddha Bar-esque or low, jazzy vibes which needless to say are what I mostly listen to since my mind is busy creating.  I have to admit it helps sooth, bringing peace and calm.  BUT.....

there is another side to me - I happen to be an intense, passionate person that loves going to the edge.   With that side comes an intense need to be stimulated, yet rarely do I ever find something that can come play with me.  A few weeks ago I heard this song on the radio that instantly hooked me - I popped up my Shazam app on my DroidX and found out about David Guetta.  The song in question was Jennifer Hudson singing 'Night of Your Life'

I remember ten years ago when I came out and found Thunderpuss - I thought I had discovered the most powerful force on nature.  Their music coursed through every fiber of my body.  I was saddened to hear when they split and the sound of passion seemed to die with them.  That was until now.

David Guetta is a rebirth of an inexplicable sound that you have to feel with every fiber of your being.  His thoughtful beats mastered with amazing lyrics will transport those who are up for the challenge to places you have never imagined.  I strongly recommend the entire mix, yet if you want to sample it I would suggest the mix with Jennifer Hudson.  Either way I give you warning though, there is no turning back.

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