Home-made Fabric Softener Sheets

I frankly got tired of coating my clothes with a light plastic film in order to soften my clothes and wanted to find an alternative.  I never quite understood how adding fabric softener to the wash actually softened the fabric, yet I wondered if it was added to the dry cycle if that would work.  Miraculously it did - and I will never buy fabric softener sheets again.  I happen to LOVE Mrs. Meyer's Geranium line - it is just so fresh and wonderful, so I used her fabric softener to soak up bar mop dish cloths (not the towels).  I placed the bar mop dish cloths in a Montana Storage Jar from Target, then poured the Mrs. Meyer's Gernanium, scented fabric softener over it.  I let them soak for a few hours, then squeezed one in my hand to wring out most of the softener liquid and laid it flat in the bottom of the dryer - I then grabbed my wet clothes, which they cleaned my hands of any remaining softener liquid and dried my items as usual.  My clothes have a mild, scent that I find lasts longer than dryer sheets and my clothes are still soft.

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  1. Did you notice if it also eliminated static?