My kitchen (a work in progress)

So I wanted to post a picture of my kitchen as I have talked about it a lot with most people and I thought it would be nice to show all of you where I spend most of my time. I realize this photo is a little dated (note the Halloween decor), but it still is indicative of the functionality. I would kill to have more cupboard space and counter space, but the open air concept is great. I love the concrete floor as it is very easy to keep clean. I also am not a huge fan of the dual/small oven as well as the small oven is too small to fit even a pie into. If anyone can, I would highly suggest getting a pot rack (some would call this a cache rack). I have had this one made by Enclume - for ten years and I think the hammered steel finish is the most durable and goes with any decor. I use all of the pans on that rack and hope to have one custom made one day so I can put more pots on it.

I actually use all of the countertop appliances. All but one are KitchenAid ProLine pieces. I cannot recommend them highly enough. I use a Viking Stand Mixer as opposed to KitchenAid because I believe it is more functional from a mixer standpoint and much more powerful. I have owned both models of KitchenAid and was truly not that happy with their performance.

You may notice in the background as well the core tools in the crocks. I could not live without all of these essential tools. Silicon spatulas, wooden spoons and metal utensils are a must have for any serious cook. I used to have them on the island, but it was more of an inconvenience. Placed on the counter by the window is farther than I would like, but it allows me more viewing toward the west.

The Anchor Hocking apothecary jars that hold the myriad of flours, sugars and grains are fantastic as they are functional and pleasing to look at. I know which jar holds which item, so I can constantly keep an eye on what I have in stock and know what I am working with. A kitchen should be organized so you can work efficiently.

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