Flowering Jasmine Tree

I am the world's greatest optimist! I will try anything once and refuse to give up. When I started gardening I did not have a lot of success, but with trial and error discovered ways to make my green thumb greener. When I purchased this flowering jasmine tree six years ago, I was walking through the local nursery and was overwhelmed with a scent. My nose led me to this standardized flowering jasmine triee that has weathered the test of time and always been a performer. For me, at this time of year it has a wonderful display of powerfully, scented white flowers that burst forth in abundance all over the tree. Then it will drop its' leaves and hibernate until summer brings it alive again. If you are not a green thumb and have the space for a truly beautiful plant that is not high-maintenance, give this one a try - the scent of the flowers (and the flowers themselves) will constantly remind you why you brought it home.

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