A look back at the Citrus Class...

I held the citrus class this last Saturday and it was a fantastic class. The butcher block was set with Buffalo China restaurant dinnerware and yellow linens. I also had a bowl of citrus to sample. Guests tried kumquats, honey tangerines, blood oranges and ugli. Dishes were mise en place'd to expedite time. The conversation was endless as we started out with fresh margaritas served in stemless wine glasses. Guests also enjoyed a citrus and greens salad as well as chicken piccata followed by key lime tart. Thank you Barb, Caroline, Connie and Sandee for coming out - you made this class the success that it was!
Please review our other class offerings and contact me at ross@kon-tent.com to reserve your spot.

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  1. Thanks again for the great class. I loved being exposed to new citrus,, ie the kumquat! The Margueritas were fun and the Chicken Picatta to die for!
    I really appreciated the fact you don't assume that we know everything and that you review details so I was not embarrassed to ask the simplest of questions. Looking forward to the next class! I'm also glad you decided to post the class at 3 hours...no rush, just relax and enjoy!