Beading with Amethysts

I craft because I have to hyperfocus to keep my sanity. I am a frequent shopper at The Bead Monkey and I came up with the idea to create a cocktail necklace out of amethysts, Swarovski crystals and silver. It clasps in front via a large, silver finding and two, wire-looped faceted drop amethysts hang down. There was no rhyme or reason to this, it was merely an experiment that came to fruition as most beaders can attest to.

I enjoy shopping at The Bead Monkey, they have thousands of beads there and amazing people to help you. My daughter who makes beaded rings in an effort to raise money for school funding gets her beads there as well. You can check out my daughters website here.

Tina Lilja is the owner, she is brilliant - which is obvious by how well the store is doing. Go to store in Minneapolis or St.Paul, or visit The Bead Monkey's website for their incredible products and classes! Mitch Hildman runs the website and he is super fast at getting out all my orders, I am never left wondering why my beads have not arrived.

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