I think any person worth their salt is constantly honing who they are, the message they want to convey. Lately I have been tormented with what kon-tent is really about, what do we stand for. As a creative person, I try to stay unblocked and allow the world to transfer as much energy my way so I can inspire and challenge not only myself - but others. It is at some of the times I feel the most blocked or held back that the universe opens up and I dig deeper.

I see that over the years, many cooking/lifestyle shows have alienated so many people and made them feel like they don't fit or that they are incapable. My goal through kon-tent is to celebrate real life and real people, because that to me is what real living is all about. Every person and family's individual and unique qualities is what makes our world so colorful, I want to be able to inspire and show them how to enhance what they already have. We all are guilty of getting caught in the machine of bigger, better, newer, faster - but the reality is is that it is up to us to define our lives into what we want it to be. A relearning that no matter what anyone thinks or says, it is all in our hands.

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  1. Such a beautiful sentiment, Ross! Thank you for sharing your inspirations and creativity with all of your readers... wherever it takes you. :)