Bunny in Egg & Present Cookies

Flocking is a common icing technique where when your icing has settled to a point, but is still has some tack (stickiness) you sprinkle sanding sugar over it.

Sanding sugar is a large grain sugar, there are several sizes depending your needs all the way to what is called rock sugar. Rock sugar is almost the size of a small pea I would say. You can buy sanding sugars in most colors, here I used clear so that the icing color showed through - followed up with pink and white.

The Bunny in the Egg shape is great of course for showers and Easter or Spring occasions, while the present is incredibly versatile - it can be decorated in a myriad of colors as well as designs to fit any party.

Perfect for a lot of occasions, please feel free to contact me if interested in ordering. Small to large orders are possible as well as various color combinations. ross@kon-tent.com

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