Churrasco Class Revisited

The Churrasco Class was on Saturday and it was perfect, I had some new students, Judy and Kathy - they were wonderful, thank you for coming. I tried a new idea which was to create a table setting so guests could be more comfortable. This also allowed me to use more linens and create some smaller centerpieces. I filled bowls with the fruits and vegetables that I needed in the class and then asked the guests to pass them to me when I needed them. It was fun and kept them involved. I set each placesetting with a palm tree cookie that I had made for a party that was also happening that day for a friend - the timing could not have been better.

We sipped on pineapple batidas, a fruity drink infused with Cachaça [kah-SHAH-sah]. Cachaça is like rum, but differs as well from rum in that it is made from sugarcane juice while rum is made from either molasses or sugarcane juice then aged in oak barrels.

Guests started out with a simple tomato salad with avocado salsa. The main course was flank steak that had been marinating in chili powder, onions, green peppers, garlic, cumin and lemon juice - which was then grilled and sliced against the grain. This was served with a latin american potato salad which had a vinagarette dressing and included green peppers, jalapenos, eggs and green onions.

Lastly, we finished the meal off with my version of caipirinha [KIE-PEE-REEN-YAH]) pie. A chiffon pie infused with rum and topped with toasted coconut. The caipirinha is Brazil's national coctail. Guests also sampled Guarana Antarctica, a popular Brazilian soda which slightly resembles ginger ale. The large yellow, mylar covered egg is a traditional Easter treat in Brazil according to Malu at Brazilian Connection Specialty Foods in Minnetonka, MN. When unwrapped, it had a faux boix pattern (had to love that) and it had roughly eight wrapped Brazilian chocolate candy treats to try. Check out their website at or call 952-935-2708 for details.

This class was such a success that I am going to be doing it again for those that were unable to attend.

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