Appliances 101 - Mixer

I am asked frequently what mixer I use. When my response is the Viking stand mixer, I get the strange look and then asked 'why?' My reasoning's are not without experience. For years I longed for KitchenAid Pro mixer with its' 6 qt bowl and 525-watt motor - it would solve all of life's problems. When I got married, we received this mixer and I was thrilled. I went to work busying myself with all these tasks and I noticed that whenever I had a stiff dough to work with the bowl would jerk in the side arms that held it. This always irritated me and yet I resolved myself to the fact that nothing in life is perfect.
Five years ago I came across the Viking mixer with its' massive 7 qt bowl and 1000-watt motor. I had to put this to the test. I purchased one and I have never looked back. I was not even upset when my ex-wife took the KitchenAid. This IS a workhorse. If you make cookies or bread dough - you need to invest in this and you WILL be satisfied. I have not had one issue with this mixer. I recall reading the reviews/comparisons in Cooks Illustrated regarding the Viking against the KitchenAid and the one problem they saw was with whipping three (3) egg whites. Excuse me, but I am not going to pull out my mixer for three egg whites - that is what my metal bowl and whisk are for, along with my arm. You can do it without a mixer in a matter of 3-4 minutes.
So with that said, I offer up my blessing on this truly wonderful kitchen appliance. If there was a perfect world, this would come with the pasta sheet attachment so one could make ravioli as you can with the KitchenAid - but my life is not destitute without that.

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