Collecting Transferware - Melbourne

Many years ago I became involved with transferware. With the various colors available and it's ability to transform a table setting into one that brought a sense of class. I discovered this pattern called Melbourne and have only this one platter to show for my collection. I had a comport as well, but that was broken by our former cat who bumped into it and it crashed to the floor. This type of transferware is part of a group called Aesthetic Transferware. Another pattern in this group that I have a penchant for is called Beatrice.
Gildea & Walker created beautiful dinnerware from their manufactury in Burslem, England from 1878-1881. This platter is from 1881. I love the large ship image and then you have the smaller inset of the owl and then the various pattern insets surrounding it. The color of this is completely versatile I have it hanging in my living room as it represents a work of art to me - but can easly take it down and use it for serving. You can find this pattern in a polychromatic style which will have color in it, but I prefer it without. Maybe one day I will have a set of plates and additional serving pieces, one can always dream...

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