Easter: Thread-wrapped eggs and bump chenille baskets

I know Easter is coming, and I wanted to show you a fun Easter craft idea. Using simple fabric dye, I dyed bump-chenille pipe cleaners in various colors until they had a pastel hue. Then, after letting them dry, wrapped them around a styrofoam egg-shape to create the basket bowl. The handle was created by twisting to pipe cleaners together for a sturdier handle.

The eggs were created by applying glue to a tiny styrofoam egg and wrapping embroidery thread around it tightly in Easter/Spring pastel colors. These will look great as place settings for my Easter table and make nice favors for people to take home as a reminder.

Looks or sounds harder than what it really it - slightly time consuming but still a fantastic craft. I used them as place settings for the Easter table. If you are looking for sources or help, contact me at ross@kon-tent.com - I am glad to help.

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