The Best Flour Sack Towels - Kitchen Kitsch

If this doesn't take you back to when you were a kid, then I guess I am dating myself. I only use flour sack towels to dry my dishes. It's all I have used since I was a child and I guess I figured when I had to buy towels when I moved out on my own - it was habit to use what my mother and her mother always used. Flour sack towels are very absorbant and leave little to no lint on glassware.

Growing up, all of our flour sack towels were embroderied in the corner with some type of kitchsy motif. I had been mulling these over in my head for years to do them just to add some life to drying the dishes. This set is dedicated to Kitchenware.
I have decided that everyone needs to get in on this trend, so you will find more posts about these embroidered towels on my website - I will even have a specific link to view all of them. If anyone is interested in getting a set, cost is $49 for seven -

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  1. Hi Ross,
    I look forward to you emails everyday! I would love more info for the flour sack towels.
    Peg Krig.