Setting the table

For me, half of the event is all in the table and how it is set. I am a fan of mixing everything - I do not believe that there are many rules aside from where items should be placed in an individual setting - go with abandon. You can put crystal with glass and porcelain with pottery - it really is okay. I've used white wine glasses for red, water glasses for white, saucer champagnes for compotes, dish towels for napkins or dinner plates for platters. The point is to make it convey your point of view. Considering the preferences of your guests is important - I would not use red dinnerware if I knew someone hated red. I believe that setting the table helps to keep people at the table, makes them wonder what each vessel is going to be filled with, begging conversation and allowing you to tantelize them with what you have prepared for them. Your guests will appreciate the fact that you took the time for them and that is really what matters - the time with the people you care about, life is too short to worry about rules that do not really matter.

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