Appliances 101 - Kitchen Scale

I purchased my kitchen scale over ten years ago thinking it was a silly purchase and I would rarely ever use it. To the contrary it has become an integral part of my kitchen. I do not care for digital scales for two reasons. One, I do not have to worry about changing/replacing batteries (I am not good at that) and I also do not do any type of dietary cooking where it needs to be THAT exact. Two, I like the way a manual scale looks - slightly nostalgic and timeless.
I constantly run acros recipes that ask for 1/2 lb. of this or 4 lbs. of that, and even the 4 ounces of chocolate or 11 ounces of rice. I would not even attempt these recipes without a scale.
I was thrilled to see that the same scale that I purchased that many years ago is still the same price. Dualit is a great company, and I have not had one problem with this scale. The glass comes out to keep the entire unit clean. Wash by hand please.

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