Collecting - Cuckoo Clocks

My favorite movie of all time is Out of Africa. Karen Blixen was a fighter; the true definition of resillience. The first time I saw that movie, I wanted a mantle cuckoo clock to remind me of the struggles Karen Blixen went through, so I would always remember that she made it through them and so would I.

Ten years ago I was purchasing a wall cuckoo clock and I mentioned to the clock shop owner that if he ever ran across a mantle version to please contact me. Many months later I received a call as he had found one - the price was $2000. I was running a successful business at the time, and so I said I would do it. The owner drove four hours to hand deliver it to me. Even after ten years, I still marvel at the beauty of this clock and what it represents to me.

The clock was made by Dold Uhren, who has since gone out of business and it carries a Reuge movement that plays Lara's Theme one hour and Edelweiss the second hour as miniature, hand carved hummels dance around in circles. The cuckoo's wings even flap when he comes out to announce the hour at hand. Pears, bird nests and hunting dogs are not common carvings on cuckoo pieces. It stands 29" high and 17" wide - this is one large clock.

I knew when I purchased this clock that it was rare, I was told that only four of these were ever made. Of course, now it is even more rare which has caused its' value to soar. I used the stock photo from when I purchased it as any picture I took did not display all the intricate workings of this beautiful piece. If you can afford such a rarity, I would highly recommend it so you too can have a part of history of a time when craftmanship was prized and well thought out.

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