Essential Tools - Basting Brush

I have used the traditional boar hair basting brushes since I started cooking 30 years ago. They were a necessary evil as although they did the task well, I always seemed to find some of the hair in the food - leaving me shaking my head with embarrassment if that food item happened upon someone else's plate but mine.
When I first saw the silicone baster, I shook my head again as the silicone rush seemed to be running full throttle - too much silicone this and that; but I also was underwhelmed with the size of the brush head. It was insufficient for the job. Boar hair could handle room temperature butter or barbecue sauce, this initial product could not. The concept was there, just not the delivery.
Now there is something that I can say with full confidence works like it should, only minus the fear of ever eating boar hair again. It is made by Silicone Zone and sold through various stores. I only have to wash the brush part, it comes off the handle with ease. The brush surface is large and populated enough so that it can handle thicker sauces and butter, plus the benefit of heat-resistant silicone. They also are coming in a great eggplant color now too, so not just the green - they keep enticing me.... I would recommend this as an essential tool in any kitchen.

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