kon-tent music - Buddha Bar

I was introduced to Buddha Bar many years ago and found it to be inspiring and soothing. The relaxing beats mixed with various sounds of India and Asia made it perfect lounge music. What makes these such great cd's as well is they come with a hot side and a cool side, so you have the ability to utilize either side depending on what mood you are trying to create.

The Buddha Bar series was Created by the DJ Claude Challe who compiled and produced the first two albums. The series continues with different DJs including DJ Ravin, Sam Popat, David Visan. Named after the infamous Lounge in Paris, with subequent locations worldwide.
Later, The first original Buddha Bar came out "Buddha Bar Nature" composed and produced by Arno Elias (also composer of Amor Amor, Buddha Bar 2) - this included a DVD of Nature footage directed by Allain Bourgoin Dubourg, which is fantastic.

Buddha Bar, Volume 2 features Demi Moore and Deepak Chopra talking seductively which I find interesting every single time I hear it - seven years later.

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