Essential Tools - Börner Prima V-Slicer

I have had this Börner Prima V-Slicer mandoline for ten years and it is still sharp enough to slice through anything. From tomatoes to carrots to citrus, it effortlessly cuts your produce into consistent, uniform shapes. I use this constantly and as part of my efforts to try and show people appliances that are a must-have in the kitchen, this would rank in my top ten. I do not deny that it is an investment, but one you can be confident will last in your kitchen for a lifetime.

It comes with a sturdy case that you can store the mandoline and all the attachments in, so things are rumbling around inside a drawer. Being that it is stainless steel, you can put it in the dishwasher. Remember to use the safety holder, as this blade is extremely sharp and I can speak from experience that when I have not paid attention - it has nicked me a couple times.

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