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When you do the amount of cooking I do, you have the opportunity to try out a lot of appliances. Which is nice because I think you should have the opportunity to test drive something before you make the purchase of this size.

Yesterday I tried the Miele MasterChef Dual Wall Oven at Warners-Stellian, and I am happy to say that this oven is amazing. When Andrea from Miele trained me in on this oven, I was impressed and excited to use it - but I was not prepared for how well it performed.

I pulled my marinated pork loin roast out an hour before needed to come to room temperature and using the MasterChef settings, I selected a pork loin roast, inserted the probe and walked away. Now Andrea told me that it will prepare the food the way it should be done without you even bothering with it, even telling you how much time is left. My roast should have taken 1 1/2 hours, it took 45 minutes in the MasterChef oven. After it came to the desired temperature, the oven switched to warm so it did not over cook the roast.

The setting on this oven make it fool proof and although it has a $5499 price tag, I would recommend this oven to anyone. There is extreme value in these ovens. You even have a Sabbath mode for those of you wanting to conserve energy on that day.
Other features are touch control pad, multi-lingual LCD display, metric-English conversion, automatic temperature settings, halogen interior lights and dual timers with delay start function. The self cleaning oven also has following options: 6 wire racks, 2 roasting pans, double rotisserie, roast probe, convection fan filter and enamel runners.

Lastly, as with all Miele products - the service is outstanding. Any appliance you purchase is hooked up to a line that constantly monitors the health of your product. If they notice something going wrong, they will notify you and send someone out to fix whatever it is so you never have to worry about your appliance going out again. That is kon-tent anyone can live with.

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  1. Hi Ross-

    Thank you for all of the wonderful Miele info. However, please note that not "all" of our appliances are Remote Vision capable (24 hour monitoring). Currently our Super Large Capacity laundry, LaPerla dishwasher and Master Cool refrigeration are capable of accepting the monitoring.

    Thanks!! :-)