Sun-Drenched Menu Class Revisited

This past weekend was the premier of a new venture with Warners-Stellian to offer cooking classes in their stores. This is a great way to not only learn new, inventive cooking techniques; but also gives you the opportunity to see these appliances in motion.

Sun-Drenched food was on the menu, and I will be featuring the recipes in the next coming days with photos as well. I wanted to give you a snapshot so you can share in on the fun that was had.

The tables were set with Provence linens
and stemless wine glassware was used to serve the ginger beer. The class began with Tandoori Shrimp kabobs, followed by a tomato salad with a balsamic-honey vinaigrette. The main course was a pork loin that had been marinated in a pomegranate-orange sauce and then finished off with a pomegranate-honey glaze. That was accompanied by a summer, colored corn salad filled with green and red peppers and a red onion, cumin infused olive oil dressing. The meal was completed with amaretto scented, peach bread pudding.

In attendance were the following: (top picture clockwise from bottom left) Dee, Maureen, Carolyn, Mary, Nicole and Shirley. (bottom picture in left hand corner, left to right) Janet and Connie. Thank you so much for attending and making this a fantastic class.

Lastly, I cannot end this without mentioning the true workings behind this class. My sister Ann drove up to assist me and she did an amazing job serving, doing dishes and helping me with any needs. I could not have done this without you Ann! (she looks so natural standing behind that mountain of dishes...)

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