kon-tent art - Roy Fairchild-Woodard

I have heard people say you should only buy art as an investment or it should match the kon-tents of your room. I say forget about all of that and throw it out the window. Art should be purchased because it imbues a sense or feeling when you look at it. I do not care if it matches the furnishings or drapes - I care that when I am sitting in that room and ponder the particular piece, that I am drawn back to the time I first saw it and how it made me feel.

Such is the case with the work Roy Fairchild-Woodard. His is the kind of painting thast is particularly influenced by the painters of the Renaissance. He visited Italy in particular to study frescos, tapestries and paintings, to see for him the techniques with which they were executed. His vision is colored by his immersion in the past. His surfaces are rich and sumptuous. He uses varied interwoven elements such as fabrics and flowers in his work. The crumbling plaster works of ancient frescos are, also alluded to in his use of plaster, as a base for acrylic and oil over-painting.
I get wrapped up into his work which is why I was so thrilled to recieve Sound of Moon as a gift five years ago. Mine is an embellished serigraph, which gives me pause to think that Fairchild touched it with his actual hands. Most of his work involves an open birdcage with a dove flying outside of it to encourage the viewer to think of freedom and the struggle to reach there.

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