kon-tent wine 101 - bartenura moscato

I first tasted this over at my friend Tina's house and immediately fell in love with this wine. So much so, I ordered two cases of it. Whenever I served it, people always commented on the taste. It complimented so many dinners and gatherings, I found it to be extremely versatile. I also loved the blue bottle - it made a great vase for flowers a couple of times or sticking candles in the neck for an evening outside festivites.

The Bartenura Moscato is finished as a light, sweet, slightly effervescent wine, designed to be served chilled as aperitif or with cheeses. In the glass, it is quite clear, with just a hint of honey color. Tiny bubbles emerge as you swirl the glass to pull up an aroma. The aroma you get is blazingly sweet cut grass. Yellow, green and ripe - compelling!

On the palate, the sweetness of the wine comes to the forefront, with the bubbles tickling the center of your palate and the green grass now muted in the mix. Hardly any finish, but very pleasant memories. Five stars, because I'd drink it again for pleasure, with a plus because it was one of the most evocative aromas I've had from a wine. At its "practically free" price ($11), that makes it a screaming value, and at a mere 5% alcohol level, you can compliment your discretion as well as your taste!

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  1. I love this wine! My neighbor and I use to buy bottles of wine at random to try and when we tasted Moscato we were hooked. And we also went and got a case of it too!!

    Have you tried the green bottle one?? It starts with a "G" --that one is very good too!