[kon-tent] music - Ultra Lounge - On the rocks

Hey midnight swingers! Summer is here and you need some great music playing in the background of your party. Ultra-Lounge On the Rocks is just what you need.

Mel Torme singing 'Sunshine Superman'? Julie London warbling 'Quinn, The Eskimo'? Exotica Supremo Martin Denny taking on 'Incense & Peppermints'? No, you haven't gone insane, you're just listening to the ultimate curve ball CD from 'Ultra-Lounge'. This may be one of the most mind-warping albums I have ever heard; extremely tasteless and misguided takes on your favorite 60's pop hits by desperate loungers trying to be 'relevant' to 'the kids'. They miss the boat entirely, but the result is this strange hybrid; not quite lounge music, not quite rock, not really muzak...but it is (in the words of The Firesign Theatre) 'weirdly cool' . On first listening I didn't know WHAT I was hearing, but this disc has become strangely addictive...

Sit back, get mellow, enjoy a cocktail and take a listen to these groovy 'Ultra-Lounge' versions of your favorite rock tunes with a twist.

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